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Hindi: हम हिंदी में सेवा प्रदान करते हैं।

Urdu: ہم ہندی میں خدمت پیش کرتے ہیں .

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Feel Like Debt Is Taking Control? We Can Help!

One of the most difficult decisions when going through a tough financial situation is seeking help. Fear of the unknown and misconceptions about debt often cause those struggling with debt to wait until there is no other choice than filing for bankruptcy. At Bromwich & Smith, we are here to help. There are alternatives that may solve your debt issues.


Making the Call

Your initial call to Bromwich and Smith will put you in touch with a knowledgeable and friendly member of our team. During this call you’ll be asked some general questions about your finances and we will provide you with basic information about the available debt relief programs that might be a good fit for your unique situation. Bankruptcy is not necessarily your only option.


Your Free Consultation

Should you choose to learn more, we will set up a free, no obligation, one-on-one meeting. That meeting can be in person, over the telephone or by video conferencing, whichever option works best for you. At this meeting, we will go over your finances in detail. We’ll review what you owe, what you earn and what you own. Based on this information, we will make a recommendation for debt relief and explain the advantages and disadvantages in a way you’ll be sure to understand.


Once you’ve learned about your options, it’s your choice whether or not you want to proceed.

If you decide to follow the advice of your trustee, our office will prepare all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf and being the process of notifying your creditors. Once you retain the services of a trustee in bankruptcy, creditors are no longer able to contact you regarding your debt. This applies to both bankruptcies and consumer proposals.


Take Action

Making the choice to call is the hardest step. At Bromwich and Smith, our primary goal is to help you feel informed, comfortable with your choices and never, ever feel judged. Debt can happen to anyone. Contact us today in Lloydminster and across Alberta and take that first step taking control of your debt.

Avoid declaring bankruptcy in Lloydminster

What is a Consumer Proposal?

Consumer Proposals were created as an alternative to personal bankruptcy and can be a “win-win” situation for both you and your creditors. A consumer proposal can significantly reduce your debt and will immediately stop all creditor legal actions against you.

Based on your specific financial situation, a Bromwich & Smith trustee will negotiate with your creditors for you, offering a payment plan based on an amount that you can afford and not what creditors are demanding. Amount of settlement is usually only a percentage of what you originally owed. A Consumer Proposal is legally binding and once agreed upon, your settlement amount can't be increased...your creditors can't come back looking for more.

Creditors “win” with consumer proposals since they will receive more money then they would in a bankruptcy, and consumers win since they can keep all their assets, and can pay back their debt at a rate they can afford and not what creditors were demanding, interest free.


Your eligibity for a Consumer Proposal will depend on your particular financial picture. To discuss your options and eligibility, give one of our Credit Counsellors at Bromwich & Smith a call today.

Stop ALL Creditor Actions

As soon as a Consumer Proposal is filed, all actions against you will stop. This means collection calls will immediately stop, as will wage garnishees and all other creditor legal actions.

Make One Affordable Monthly Payment

When under the protection of a consumer proposal, all of your debts are included in one monthly payment. This payment amount is negotiated between your Bromwich & Smith Trustee and your creditors, and is set at an amount that you can afford, usually only a percentage of what was originally owed.

No Interest Charges

All interest charges stop.  There is no interest added to your proposal amount, for the entire duration of the proposal. Every cent you pay goes towards paying your debt and not interest!

Keep Your Assets. Keep Your Home.

A consumer proposal does not include assets in which creditors have leins, such as car loans. Mortgages are also not included. However, you may be able to make arrangements to continue with the payments so that the asset can be retained. If an individual has a mortgage on their residence, they can continue making the mortgage payments.

No Fee Payments From You!

Our fees are based on a tariff set by the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, and the fees are deducted from the payments made by you, before any funds are issued to your creditors. There is no additional cost to you above and beyond the monthly payment in the proposal.




Lloydminster Debt Consolidation

Five ways you can tackle your money worries today:


1) Find out where you really stand.

You may not have as much to worry about as you think. If you routinely put bills aside without opening them or ignore statements from the bank, you probably don’t know the true shape of your finances. Sit down and list your credit card balances, loan balances, unpaid or past due accounts, interest rates, and savings and checking account balances. This will give you a clear picture and help you decide what steps to take next.


2) Create a budget.

You can quickly do a budget by gathering your receipts or checking your online statement and listing how much you spend a month on revolving bills such as cell phones or utility bills, groceries, gas, and other expenses. Then subtract the total from your income. If money is tight, or you spend more than you bring in, look for places you can cut expenses.


3) Identify the main source of your worry.

What’s the main thing that’s worrying you about your finances? Maybe you think your debt is unmanageable, or maybe your savings account is sparse or nonexistent. Once you get to the root of your worry, you can make a plan to address it. At this point, your worry becomes a goal you can work towards. If you have more than one thing you’re worried about, prioritize them.


4) Make a plan.

Once you have a goal in mind, make a plan. A plan can help alleviate your worries, especially when you put it into action. For example, if your goal is to save more money, go back to your budget and see how much money you saved by cutting expenses. Resolve to withdraw that amount each month and put it into savings. If you want to pay down debt, list your debts and decide which ones you will pay off first.


5) Contact Bromwich & Smith.

If you’ve done everything you can to cut expenses and you’re still having trouble, it may be time to seek professional help. At Bromwich & Smith, we can help you identify the main sources of your financial issues, then make recommendations on how to solve them.

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Lloydminster Debt Solutions - Please Call for Your Free Consultation

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