5 Ways Bromwich & Smith Can Help You.

Finding yourself in a financial crisis you can’t manage alone can be frightening, but don’t give up—there are options. Bromwich & Smith can help you work through even the most difficult money challenges. We provide a variety of debt solutions, some of which can only be legally provided by a bankruptcy trustee.

How Long Will I Be Bankrupt

If you are considering bankruptcy, you must be wondering how long bankruptcy lasts. Nine months used to be the easy answer, but today things are a bit different. Your financial situation, your income, and the size of your family all have an effect on the length of bankruptcy.

Who Will Know If I Declare Bankruptcy?

Many people who consider filing for bankruptcy are worried about the potential embarrassment it could bring. If you are asking yourself, “Who will know if I file for bankruptcy?” you can put your mind at ease. While a bankruptcy is public information, in most cases, the only people who will know are the ones you choose to tell.


What To Do If You Have Tax Debt?

Tax time can be stressful for any Canadian. Owing back taxes to the Canadian Revenue Agency, however, can cause that stress to skyrocket. But what happens when you just can’t pay your CRA debt? Penalties for not paying your taxes on time can be severe, from hefty fines and interest to wage garnishment.

Luckily, however, these penalties can be avoided if you act quickly.


Are All Debts Included In A Consumer Proposal?

A consumer proposal is a very effective solution many Albertans are turning towards to help them deal with debt problems. One of the most common questions people ask when considering this solution is, “Are all debts included in a consumer proposal?”


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