Budget Calculator

This handy and easy-to-use budget planner and spreadsheet will take the hard work out of creating a budget and accurately determine exactly where you are spending your money each month.  Plus, using the provided charts, you can calculate if the percentage of your income you are spending in each expense category matches the Bromwich & Smith Credit Counsellor recommendations. The built in budget calculator will do all of your calculations for you.


1) Fill in each applicable blank with the amount you spend each month, unless instructed to provide an annual amount.
2) Be as accurate as possible. Use your current payroll statements, bank statements, credit card statements and other bills whenever possible.
3) Skip any blanks that are not applicable to you.
4) This tool users browser cookies. This means that as long as you don't delete your internet cookies, you can browse away from this page, and the next time you visit, the form will repopulate with the figures you entered.  If you wish to clear all the figures, simply hit Reset on the bottom of this page and all the amounts in your budget planner and calculator will reset to zero.

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