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Do you struggle to pay your bills on time?
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Are you only making minimum payments on your credit cards?
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Do you pay interest and service charges on monthly utility accounts because you can't pay on time?
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Are you receiving phone calls or letters from creditors or collection agencies?
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Are you using payday loans to get by until the next pay cheque?
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Are you behind in paying your taxes?
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Are you behind in paying child support?
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Are your wages being garnisheed?
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Did you know? Bromwich & Smith provides debt solution options that will immediately stop all creditor actions and legally force them into a settlement, based on what you can afford and not what creditors are demanding. A Consumer Proposal will provide you with an affordable monthly payment plan that is usually based on repaying only a percentage of what you originally owed, with no interest and no fee payments from you. (We are paid by a government tariff).

If you simply can't afford to make any payments at all on your bills, there are solutions available for this situation as well.

Whether you are struggling to pay your bills on time, paying interest, service charges and late penalties on bills, or if the amount you owe just seems to be growing, all of these are signs that your cash to debt ratio is out of balance. When there’s more money going out than coming in it can be very stressful and a constant struggle. Feeling out of control can be one of the most stressful things about being in debt. When you have payments mounting up and you can’t work out a way to pay them all, you need to get help.

The type of debt help you need depends greatly on what other factors are also present, such as how much you owe, who you owe the money to, what actions are being taken, and so on.

We recommend that you give us a call. A Bromwich & Smith Credit Counsellor will be able to go over your financial situation with you and help you get back on track to eliminate your debt and the financial stress you are experiencing.

Creditors and Collection Agencies

Did you know? Bromwich & Smith provides debt solution options that put an immediate stop to ALL creditor and collection agency activities. You are immediately and legally protected against any further actions.

If you are in arrears or default on an agreement, creditors do have the right to try and collect the debt. If the creditor is unsecured they can demand payment in full and do not have to accept monthly payments from you. The creditor can sue you to get a judgment and then try to seize your possessions (items not exempt from seizure) or use the judgment to commence garnishment of your wages. This all takes time and the creditor is required to give notice of the action to sue you, but you shouldn't wait.

The Credit Counsellors at Bromwich & Smith are well experienced in dealing with this scenario. A proposal to creditors or bankruptcy will stop a creditor from being able to collect from you, stop the creditor from suing you, stop the creditor from seizing possessions and stop any wage garnishment actions.

If the creditor has security (such as a car or household goods that you permitted them to register a lien on) and you are in arrears the creditor can have a bailiff come and seize the secured items to help recover on the debt. In a bankruptcy or a proposal you will be able to continue making the agreed payments to retain the secured items. Alternatively, you may give the items to the secured creditor and you will not owe anything further (talk to a counsellor today about how this works).

Credit Card Debt

Did you know? Bromwich & Smith provides debt solution options that can force your credit card providers into a settlement, at an amount you can afford, and not the amount they are demanding.

Credit cards can be both a blessing and a burden. Having a credit card or two can help you build up your credit or get you out of an emergency. Sometimes, though, the ability to "buy now, pay later" can be a promise that's too good to pass up, and that's when problems begin. Credit card debt has a way of quickly spiraling out of control. In fact, in Alberta, credit card debt is one of the most common problems leading to bankruptcy, but we can help you avoid that.

So how do you keep your credit card debt from getting you into serious financial trouble?

1. Don't open up new lines of credit.

It's happened to everyone--you go to check out and the cashier promises 15% off (or more!) if you open up a credit card. When you're making a big purchase, this can be extremely tempting. You may open up a card for extra savings with the intention of immediately paying it off, but credit card companies and department stores make enticing offers because they know that the majority of the population won't use the card once, pay it off, and then never use it again. It's best to just skip the offer altogether.

2. Pay off your balance as quickly as possible.

Carrying a balance on your credit cards is costly. You'll end up paying significantly more in the long run due to the interest that accumulates. Pay off your credit card balances as soon as possible to keep your debt in check. Don't use your cards, and make sure you pay more than the minimum payment each month.

Get help if you can only make the minimum payment or you are missing payments.

If you find your credit card debt is too much to realistically pay off or you can no longer afford to make even minimum payments, it is time to seek the help of a professional. A Bromwich & Smith Credit Counsellor can provide you with advice and options to help you with your credit card debt.

Payday Loans

Did you know? If you act now, Bromwich & Smith can stop the automatic withdrawal that the payday loan provider has on your account.

Payday loans are readily available to consumers, however, should be approached with extreme caution. These short-term loans are offered with a high interest rate to hold the borrower until the next payday and are available almost instantly when proof of income such as a paystub or bank statement are provided. Typically these loans are offered as unsecured loans to be repaid at the borrower’s next pay day by way of pre-authorized debit. The borrower is required to provide a post dated cheque at the time of the loan and on the date the loan repayment is due the lender will automatically withdraw the funds from the borrower’s account. If the funds are not available the borrower will be charged a penalty and interest will begin. Once you begin using payday loans, it can be difficult if not impossible to break the cycle.

If you have fallen victim to the payday loan cycle, you need financial help. Contact Bromwich & Smith to discuss how we can keep your pay cheque where it your pocket.

Taxes Owing

Did you know? Debts owing to Canada Revenue Agency can be eliminated by engaging the help of Bromwich & Smith. .

Canada Revenue Agency collectors can be tough to deal with. They hold all the cards and will attempt to collect 100% of their debt plus interest and penalties. They have some powerful tools such as garnishees at their disposal to collect outstanding funds. Garnishees can be given to banks and employers so your bank account and/or your wages are immediately seized.

In a proposal or bankruptcy, your tax debt will be forgiven just like other debts. Even if your income tax returns have not been filed, the debt is forgiven. In fact, we can deal with all your income tax, GST and payroll debts right up to the day you file a proposal or declare bankruptcy.

Student Loans

Did you know? Bromwich & Smith provides debt solution options that can postpone or completely release you from your student loan repayment obligations.

If you have not yet defaulted (missed) student loan payments, you may be eligible for government relief programs. However, once there is a default in student loan payments it is difficult to get assistance through student loan programs such as interest relief or debt reduction.

If you have been finished school for at least 7 years then the student loan debts can be released through a proposal or bankruptcy, just the same as other unsecured debts. If you have been out of school for less than 7 years the law states that you will still owe your student loan debts even after you have completed your proposal or a bankruptcy.

In many situations, a proposal or bankruptcy may still be necessary even if it has been less than 7 years since attending school. This is because the other debts are so large that protection is still necessary. Upon the completion of the bankruptcy or proposal then the student loan debts will still be repayable. Regardless of how long it has been since attending school, during a proposal or bankruptcy no collection efforts will occur in relation to the student loan debts.

Call us to discuss your options.


Did you know? Bromwich & Smith provides debt solution options that will immediately stop all garnishee actions against you!

It can be extremely difficult to live on the amount that is left after someone has taken a portion of your net salary away. Also employers seem to dislike the extra paperwork that they get involved with when you have a garnishment order on your salary from Canada Revenue Agency or any other creditor.

If the garnishment is from Maintenance Enforcement, a proposal or bankrutpcy will ensure the amount garnisheed is only for the current month payment and not for past arrears.

Garnishments may have a very serious effect on your well being and you may feel like quitting your job or giving up. Now is the time to get professional financial help from Bromwich & Smith, because we can and will put a stop to the garnishee...immediately.

Support Payments

Did you know? Bromwich & Smith provides debt solution options that will allow you to continue your support payment obligations, while reducing or eliminating your other debt obligations.

As you likely already know, the provincial agencies charged with collecting child or spousal support debts are powerful and can be aggressive. If you are behind in support payments, you can get protection from the collection of arrears. If you are being garnisheed you should know that a proposal or bankruptcy can immediately reduce the amount being garnisheed to the ongoing monthly court ordered payment. No arrears can be garnisheed.

Arrears of child and or spousal support are given a preferred status in the Canadian legislation. This means that typically before any other creditors recover any money a certain amount of the arrears will first be paid, reducing your total support arrears debt.

Additionally, you should know that when a proposal or bankruptcy is completed the unpaid support arrears, if any, will be a debt that is still payable and collection efforts may resume.

A proposal or bankruptcy can provide the relief necessary to enable an individual to have court ordered support payments reassessed and to put a plan in place to deal with the arrears.

Acting sooner rather then later is crucial. It is recommended that you give Bromwich & Smith a call.

Why Bromwich & Smith?

Bromwich & Smith has been providing outstanding local service to Albertans just like you since 2002.

Our staff and counselors are active contributors to the Alberta communities in which we both live and serve. From our one-on-one work with various social agencies by assisting clients with budgeting and credit advice, to the seminars on insolvency and restructuring applications that we provide for accounting and legal professionals, to school presentations promoting financial literacy for our youth, to radio and television guests normalizing the discussion of debt, Bromwich & Smith is known as an industry leader. But where we really shine is in the one-on-one solutions focused counseling that is available to you free of charge (we are paid through a government tariff). Read the testimonials of those that we have served before you and contact us today so that you can begin to believe in your future again.

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